I found the guide A1: clear, accurate with points of interest en route. Fine maps too. It would be hard to get lost with this guide! A well designed walk with plenty of variety, and an interesting thread in Lady Anne, and her castles. (Sep. 2021)


It was one of the most wonderful walking experiences I have ever had and it was helped by brilliant weather & awesome scenery. (June 2021)

Lady Anne's Way will stay in my mind for many years to come as a beautiful long distance walk with lots of happy memories. (June 2021)

We had a truly wonderful time thank you, your book was superb for the job. ... You have achieved that superb balance of the right amount of detailed trail description, and interesting background information. A very enjoyable companion to the trip. (Aug. 2020)

It was a beautiful walk going through hugely varied scenery but it was the quality and the accuracy of the guide that made the walk so good. (Aug. 2020)

'The best walk guide book I have ever bought for content, detail and standard of presentation...a masterpiece of a walking guide' (2020)

An excellent book. Clear and detailed instructions on this long distance walk. The background information about Lady Anne and points of interest along the route, make this a great read even when not walking. (Nov. 2019)

An immersive experience of walking the hidden green lanes and quiet village tracks that must have been vital connections for villagers in the days before motor cars. A timeless quality which encouraged an unhurried approach. This is a walk to savour, rather than rush from A to B. (January 2019)

It was wonderful. I would like to thank you for the excellent book and guide to the route-it really made it both easy to navigate and enjoyable to read your narrative. I am certainly going to recommend it to friends and enjoyed talking about it to the people I met in the pubs and villages along the way (July 2018)

A superb guide to the walk: clear and accurate as well as interestingly informative. And the drawings and photographs were a delight and a wonderful souvenir of one of our very best walking holidays. (June 2018)

Top of the pops! Every day is slightly different and varied, the pretty Dales, vast stretches of moorland, a few (but not too many) climbs and then the lush Eden Valley. And on top of all that, its castles and places of historic note. Perfect! (June 2018)

"Let me congratulate you on what is by far the best guide book that I have ever come across describing a Long Distance Walk. Last summer whilst walking near High Dyke I met 3 - 4 ladies who were following your Lady Anne's Way book. They were ecstatic at the quality of your description of the walk. I immediately purchased a copy . . . we are just about to complete the walk during the next two weeks. You may be amused to know that whenever we went wrong which was very infrequently it was always us to blame, never your Guide."


"My walking friend and I have just completed walking the wonderful route you devised. What joy!  We are both in our early 60s and, as long distance walkers, really enjoyed the route. The combination of stunning scenery and history suits us SO well. Congratulations!  Thank you again for an inspiring route that speaks to those of us that love the journey."

"even if you are not planning to do the full walk, the book is well worth buying for the insights it brings into the life and achievements of a formidable early feminist and philanthropist of the Dales, for the excellent linear maps and for Frank's evocative drawings"
- Yorkshire Dales Review

Lady Anne's Way was the highlight of our walking year. Everyone who took part was captivated by the wonderful scenery and fascinating history of the houses and castles that we encountered on the route (Dec. 2017)

Listed as one of the top 5 long distance walks in Ramblers Walking Mag. (2015)








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